how very close

is your soul with mine

I know for sure

everything you think

goes through my mind

I am with you

now and doomsday

not like a host

caring for you

at a feast alone

with you i am happy

all the times

the time i offer my life

or the time

you gift me your love

offering my life

is a profitable venture

each life i give

you pay in turn

a hundred lives again

in this house

there are a thousand

dead and still souls

making you stay

as this will be yours

a handful of earth

cries aloud

I used to be hair or

I used to be bones

and just the moment

when you are all confused

leaps forth a voice

hold me close

I'm love and

I'm always yours




Things to do in Central Park (Central Park'ta ne yapilir)

Start off  the tour@ 59th Str & 5th Ave (59. cadde ve 5 Avenue den turunuza baslayin)

The Gapstow Bridge (East Side -59th Str)
Wolmann Rink Delacorte Theater (East Side - 59th Str)
Central Park Zoo  (East Side- 66th Str)
Sheep Meadow(Mid Park - 66th Str)
Strawberry Fields (West Side - 71st Str)
The Mall (East Side- 70th & 72nd Str)
The Bow Bridge (Mid Park- 72nd Str)
The Boathouse (East Side- 72nd Str)
The Bethesda Terrace & Fountain (East Side- 72nd Str)
Alice in Wonderland Sculpture (East Side- 74t Str)
Belvedere Castle (Mid Park - 79th Str)
Delacorte Theater (West Side - 80th Str)
The Reservoir (East Side - 86th Str)

What to do in New York? (New York'ta ne yapilir)

 Start off @ 59th Str & 5th Ave. Walk down on 5th ave all the way to Union Square (14th Str).
(5. Avenue ve 59. caddeden baslayip, asagiya dogru yuruyun,14. caddeye kadar)

You will see these landmarks on 5th Avenue:
(5. Avenue uzerinde goreceginiz meshur yerler)

The Plaza Hotel  (59th Str)
The Apple Store (59th Str)
Luxurious Stores (LV,Bergdorf Goodman , Bvlgari)
Tiffany (remember The Breakfast Tiffany) (57th Str)
Trump Tower (56th Str)
MoMa (The Museum of Modern Art) (53rd Str between 5th & 6th Avenues)
St. Patrick Cathedral (51st Str)
The Saks Fifth Avenue (50th Str)
The Rockefeller Center (50th Str) (Top of the Rock is a must see)
The Public Library (42nd Str)
The Bryant Park (42nd Str)
Lord & Taylor (41st Str)
The Empire State Building (34th Str)
The FlatIron Building (23rd Str)
The Madison Square Park (23rd Str)

Also if you have time, go up or down couples blocks and you will see these:
(Eger vaktiniz var ise, arada bir iki blok yuruyup bunlari da gorebilirsiniz)

Carnegie Hall (57th  & 7th Ave)
The Radio City Music Hall (51st Str & 6th Ave)
The United Nations (46th Str & 1st Ave)
The Chrysler Building (42nd Str & Lexingon Ave)
The Grand Central (42nd Str & Lexington)
Times Square (42nd Str and 7th Ave)
Macy's (34th Str & 6th Ave)
Madison Square Garden (32nd Str & 7th Ave)