Jersey Gardens vs Woodburry Common


If you are staying in Manhattan, it is very close to the island, getting there is so easy and cheap, it is a mall so you have the a/c and best of all there is no sales tax on clothing in New Jersey. The stores are common stores like Banana Republic, Gap, Tommy, Abercrombie etc.

How to get there:

New Jersey Transit Bus #111 and #115 from New York

  • Local public transportation is provided by NJ Transit bus #40 and Coach USA bus #24. Fare and Schedule information can be found on and, respectively
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal
  • Visit for updated schedules and rates


It is like  a shopping village, outdoors (think about rainy days, or sizzling hot summer days, you are going from one building to the other (if it is winter,  you have to wear your coat all the time), high end fancy stores (hello Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo etc) but getting there is pain in the neck and cost is around $38.00 by bus and do not forget, they charge sales tax on everything.

How to get there:

Gray Line New York
Shopping Excursions to Woodbury Common from Port Authority, New York City (42nd Street & Eighth Avenue).

Hampton Luxury Liner
Shopping Excursions to Woodbury Common from Manhattan, New York City

Manhattan Transfer Tours
Round trip hotel pick up service from Manhattan to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Please call (347) 495-8577.

The Party Ride Limo Bus
Private group shopping excursions to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Please call (866) 275-5466.

ShortLine/Coach USA
Daily transportation to Woodbury Common from Port Authority in New York City and Newark International Airport.

ShortLine/Coach USA
Eastside Manhattan weekday bus service to Woodbury Common