Andrea Bocelli's Central Park Concert update

Do you believe in magic? If you are in New York, maybe you should... Tonight was one of those magical moments with the exception of the rain and the wind, of course.

The concert was free but you needed a ticket to get in and guess what, I did not have one but that did not stop me going to the park. I took the uptown train and got off at 72nd Street on Upper West Side. There were thousands of people in line and the staff were telling people to prepare their tickets for scanning.. I did not know what to do, no tickets to show, no umbrella to protect me from the rain.. just a hope.. and the guy in front me started talking to me and next minute I saw he was handing me his concert ticket and his raincoat.. I could not believe it. I did not know what to say then I told him I just needed a ticket and he told me that it is going to be rainy and cold evening and I might appreciate later to have his raincoat and he just took off.... just like that. That reminded me the book by Thisbe Nissen "Good people of New York".

The concert was amazing.. Andrea Bocelli was accompanied by Celine Dion, Tony Bennett, Eugene Cohen, trumpeter Chris Botti, pianist David Foster, flutist Andrea Griminelli, violinist Nicola Benedetti and more importantly our very own, New York Philharmonic.

The rain stopped just in time, so we could enjoy this spectacular concert.

He sang four songs in English which is a first for his concerts. He sang some of the famous movie songs , then a special song written for Elizabeth Taylor "Prayer" duet with Celine Dion, Riz Ortolani’s “More”, "Time to say Goodbye", "New York, New York" duet with Tony Bennett, "Nessum Dorma", "Volare", "Funiculi Funicula", "La Donna e Mobile", "Amazing Grace".

Thanks to Andrea Bocelli.
Thanks to NY Philharmonic
Thanks to Central Park

for making this concert available for all New Yorkers.

Special thanks to the anonymous gentleman who gave me his ticket & raincoat :-)


  1. Aman harika olmuş.:))
    Sihirli bir konser dediğin de budur işte!

  2. evet gercekten gorulmeye degerdi... iyi ki arkadaslarimi dinlemeyip gitmisim...